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I love seeing God work in the lives of people with real
problems. As a trained professional I seek to integrate
Scriptural teaching and Christian counseling research
within the broader field of psychological assessment
and treatment, in order to facilitate healthy changes
and spiritual growth. I get the privilege every day
of seeing people with real issues find freedom,
truth and hope by the power of God's Word
and the work of the Holy Spirit. Although
real change can be a hard process, our
hope must rest in Christ and his
work within us.

Patrick Geracie
Christian Counselor

Trinity Counseling provides individual, couples, and family therapy to adolescents and adults.
With a wealth of experience, Patrick consistently works with a wide variety of issues including:


Mood Disorders  -  Substance Abuse  -  Sexual Addictions  -  Marriage & Relationship issues  -  Spiritual Issues
Anger Management  -  Trauma & Abuse  -  Anxiety Disorders  -  Child/Adolescent Issues  -  Career Development

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