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"I have known and worked with Patrick Geracie for many years.  During that time I have seen him bring joy and hope to countless people, struggling with a variety of difficult issues.  Patrick never gives up on anyone.  His patience, wisdom and dedication have been the keys to his tremendous success.  Changed lives and renewed hope are the results that we have seen in couples, teenagers and addicted people.  It is an honor to know him and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking counseling." 

Annie Oman, Manager, LexisNexis Litigation Services Training and Consulting


"I have had nothing but positive feedback from those I have referred to Patrick Geracie for counseling.  I heartily recommend Patrick for his positive and insightful contributions to individuals, couples and families."

Rev. Bruce Becker, Pastor, Birchwood Presbyterian Church, Bellingham, WA


"Patrick Geracie is a no-nonsense Christian therapist who is both thoroughly biblical and clinically insightful in his orientation and approach. When I refer people to him, I know they will receive effective spiritual and psychological understanding and counsel. And when I've needed a seasoned sounding-board for pastoral counseling challenges Ive encountered, Patrick has proven to be a most helpful resource. I recommend him confidently."

John Birk, Assistant Pastor, His Place Community Church, Burlington, WA


"Patrick does a commendable job integrating his faith into his counseling practice.  He is up to date with the most recent literature and has a heart for helping people understand how to live out the gospel.  His direct approach speaks truth into root issues giving practical tools and resources to help reach goals of health."

Dawne M. Grove, MC LMHC  Bridging Counseling, Bellingham, WA


Patrick Geracie gets to the heart of the matter. Pat understands the power of the Gospel and he has a unique ability to help people move through very difficult issues grounded in God's radical love and grace. I appreciate Pat's profound passion and professional expertise that help real people with real problems work toward real solutions. If you are wondering whether Christian counseling could help you or your family don't hesitate to talk with Pat.

George Bedlion, Pastor, Whitewater Church, Puyallup WA


"Patrick Geracie of Trinity Counseling, brings the power of God's Word to bear into the most challenging and difficult circumstances of life.  As a pastor, I appreciate Patrick's love for people and his love for God's truth.  These two things come together in a wonderful way as he gives wise counsel that is Christian.  Every problem we face in life is ultimately a spiritual issue.  That is why finding good Christian counsel is so important.  It's hard to find counseling that is truly "Christian" these days.  Patrick brings more than just a mention of God to Christian counseling.  He brings an open Bible to the equation, and encourages people to get to the heart of the issues they face.  Patrick deals with the Biblical categories of sin, repentance, submission, salvation in Jesus, and obedience to God.  In our times, these topics are so often avoided by counselors and pastors alike, but they are the only path to freedom, life, joy and satisfaction.  If you want more than just an expensive band-aid, if you want to get to really get to the heart of the matter, Trinity Counseling can help."

Jeremy Pickens, Senior Pastor, Good Shepherd Community Church, Bellingham, WA


"Patrick Geracie is a friend, a confidant, and someone you can use and trust to help you through a difficult time. As a Pastor, I often am exposed to people who are going through all types of difficult circumstances ranging from addictions, to wayward children, to divorce, to grief, and more. I myself went through a time of grief after experiencing three deaths in our family in short succession; it was at this time in my life that I found Patrick. He challenged me by bringing God's Word to bear on my situation, restoring in my heart a spirit of thankfulness. And this is what I appreciated most about Patrick; he didn't drive me to what culture or society would say to me, nor did he let me off feeling sorry for myself; instead, with grace, he brought God's Word to bear on my situation, making Scripture come alive, helping to restore my soul. To this day I remember one of the things he pounded into me; "At every moment of every day we can choose to be thankful for what we have, or resentful for what we don't have..." Patrick is someone I highly recommend, and in fact I often refer members of our congregation to him for counseling."

Mike Weston, Associate Pastor, Northlake Community Church, Bellingham, WA


"As a pastor who's served in B'ham for 25 years, I've utilized many of the competent professional counselors in our community.  I've found Patrick Geracie to be a valuable resource, especially in the area of addictive behaviors and the counseling of those affected by this in families.  He brings a biblical perspective, a discerning spirit and an encouragement to follow Christ through all of life's challenges."

Paul Petersen, Lead Pastor, Bellingham Covenant Church, Bellingham, WA


"As a pastor I regularly refer church members and friends to Trinity Counseling  because I know they will receive Christ-centered counseling with practical steps to implement change in their lives.  I hold Patrick Geracie in the highest regard and whole heartedly recommend him to you. "

Ryan Jensema, Senior Pastor, Northwest Baptist Church, Bellingham, WA


"Patrick brings his extensive professional training, his sound, Biblical worldview, and his unique ability to listen, diagnose and provide effective strategies all together in his counseling to create significant impact and transformation for individuals and relationships."

Mark Warren, the Calling Coach, Mark Warren Associates, Lynden, WA

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