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Below are some great resources to help you deal with some common but challenging issues. Click the category buttons below to see biblical and practical resources. 


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Bible Verses


Ruth 1:5-22


Ecclesiastes 3:4


Isaiah 61:1-2


Jeremiah 31:12-13


Psalms 55:22


2 Corinthians 1:3-7; 5:1; 9:8


John 11:25-26; 11:33-44; 

14:1-3; 16:16-22


Philippians 1:21-23


Romans 5:1-6; 8:18; 8:28; 

8:38-39; 11:33-36


1 Thessalonians 4:13-14; 5:16


2 Timothy 1:8



A Grief Observed

C.S. Lewis


The Great Divorce

C.S. Lewis



Randy Acorn


Recovering From Lifes' Losses

H.Norman Wright


Changes That Heal

John Townsend & Henry Cloud


Healing is a Choice

Stephen Arteburn


Holding on to Hope

Ruth Guthrie


Future Grace

John Piper


Children and Grief

Joey O'connor


Sacred Romance

John Elridge & Bruce Curtis


When Grief Comes

Kirk H. Neeley

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